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Client profile & fees

Given our specific tax background our primary client’s industries include, in general, the Oil & Gas (European functions include drilling, flotels and distribution) , Chemicals, (world wide R&D, manufacturing and distribution) Pharmaceuticals (world wide R&D, manufacturing and distribution) , Semi-Conductors (world wide distribution, logistics and services), the HVAC (world wide R&D, manufacturing and distribution).


In this respect we have rendered our past and current services, amongst others, to AKZO Nobel, ARCO Chemical, Avnet, Braskem, Cadbury Schweppes (AA), Chevron, Crucell, Flamco, Intec Engineering, General Electric (AA), Halliburton (AA), Heerema Marine Contractors, Heijmans, Kelkar, Loyens Loeff, Lyondell Chemical, McDonalds, Mexx (AA), Noxon Stainless, Petroflex, PFW Aroma Chemicals, Pharming Group, Prolion, Punch, RTL Klub, Seafox Contractors, Shell (expats), Synthomer, Tele-2, Tenneco (AA), Texaco Nederland (expats), Tie Holding (expats), Versatel, Wyeth, Workfox and Yule Catto.


Our fees are principally calculated against actual time effectively spent and do exclude out-of-pocket expenses.


Although our hourly fee may vary in line with the level of expertise required, it averages EUR 280 for V&P Tax Lawyers & Consultants and EUR 200 for V&P Enterprise Consultants division (both rates for 2011 and exclusive of 5% office costs and if applicable 19% VAT). With our invoices a detailed specification is enclosed outlining the specifics of the services rendered and time charged thereto.


Nevertheless, on a case-by-case-basis we conclude a fixed fee arrangement for special projects such as simple non-varying tax compliance, second opinions, transfer pricing sub-projects etc.


* AA - Services rendered by us when we were working for Arthur Andersen.